Visualising Jammer Swaps

Jammer swaps are simple in theory but in practice can be quite complicated, and I’ve seen them cause confusion even in people who are well versed in the rules or frequently officiate. My aim with this guide is to help people visualise how they work, particularly with some of the more complicated scenarios.

The basic concept is simple – if one jammer is in the box and the other one arrives, we can usually reduce the time of each of their penalties and release them early so long as they both serve the same amount of time. So if blue jammer sits down and twenty seconds later pink jammer sits down, we release blue jammer immediately and pink jammer serves a twenty second penalty. This part is fairly well understood.

But what happens when it gets more complicated? What if one or both jammers are in to serve more than one penalty? What if a jammer swap happens but the jammer who was released comes back before the second one leaves? What if a jammer leaves the box early? This guide aims to explain what to do in a way you can remember.

You can download the full guide at this link. It is best viewed on a computer or printed out, but can be viewed on mobile if you turn your device sideways.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Twixxi, I need your help with a query. Blue Jammer receives two penalties, and after serving the first 30 seconds Pink Jammer receives two penalties. By the time Pink Jammer sits down, Blue Jammer served 45 seconds and is released. Am I correct in assuming the Pink Jammer sits for 45 seconds? (The first 30 seconds the Blue Jammer served is long gone by this time, so it would be like swapping a jammer with one penalty for a jammer with two penalties)

    • Twixxi says:

      Yes that’s right. Blue jammer’s first penalty has expired so we can completely ignore it. Pink has sat down with two penalties 15 seconds into Blue’s penalty – just like in scenario 7. Pink’s first penalty has reduced to 15 seconds to match blue, and then they must serve their second penalty. Total time – 45 seconds.

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